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loktev ensemble members presentation
Members of the Loktev Ensemble give a brief presentation of some performances and talk about the ensemble.

The Loktev Ensemble from Russia

The Finest Musical Organization of it's kind In the World

Founded over 80 Years Ago
Dancers, Choir and Orchestra are all Part of the Ensemble
The youngest performers are just as professional as the older performers
Performances of Original Russian dance, and dances from cultures all over the world, including the USA, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, and so many more.
The ensemble even has a star in the constellation of Lyra Named after them and received the World Peace Council medal. This is Truly an Internationally Loved Musical Organization.
loktev ensemble spring becha dance
Spring - High Energy performance Russian dance. This dance and music generates lots of excitement with the audience.   Rehearsal With former Graduates
loktev ensemble maiden dance
Maiden Dance -  Non stop Exciting action throughout the dance.

loktev ensemble western dance
Country Western USA Style Dance - Choir sings mostly in English. The music and dancing just plain makes you feel good.
loktev dance of friendship pic
Dance of Friendship - Powerful High Energy Ending that leaves the audience Roaring and Clapping with Excitement during the finale. All groups join together for the finale.
loktev tarentella dance pic
Italian Tarantella Dance - Super Professional Younger Dancers Will Amaze You.
loktev hungarian dance pic
Hungarian Dance - Beautiful and Poetic Dancing by the Ensemble.
loktev feast of the young deer.
Feast of the Young Deer - Fascinating and enjoyable dance performance.
loktev irish dance
Irish Dance - These young Russian dancers perform the perfect Irish dance. Extremely Enjoyable. 
loktev school polka
School Polka - Purely enjoyable dance with wonderful singing from the choir and fantastic music from the orchestra.   Rehearsal with Former Graduates
loktev greek dance
Greek Dance - Beautiful and Exciting Greek dance by the ensemble.
loktev heart of the caucasus
Heart of the Caucasus - High energy performance from the Caucasus region.
loktev balalaika
Balalaika - Russian Comic Dance. Very fun and enjoyable performance.
loktev choir and orchestra
Choir and Orchestra Performance - Singing and playing "Capital of a Happy Childhood"..
loktev rehersal
Yearly Get Together with Graduates There's a tradition in the Ensemble of Loktev. Each year, the ensemble graduates gather & together with the current members of the ensemble, dance, almost the entire repertoire, without stopping.
loktev bulgarian dance
Sacred Spring - Bulgarian Dance. Beautiful Dancing, Music and Energy. As always they wear beautiful traditional clothing of the countries they are representing in the dance.
Early Videos of the
Loktev Ensemble

Video 1 - 1959

Video 2 - 1966 On Tour

Video 3 - 1969 In stadium

Video 4 - May There Always be Sunshine

Video 5 - Different group than the Ensemble but similar. 1965
Videos from Other Countries
music jahre musikantenstadl
From Germany, a massive music event called : Jahre Musikantenstadl.
High Energy in the German way.

2nd Video below is of 5 winners of the Young Talent Competition at the event.

Die Twinnies -  Singing "Bavarian Girls" Bayernmadels

music hetty and the jazzato band
From Italy, Hetty & the Jazzato Band.

Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano (You want to be an American)

Un Bacio a Mezzanotte (A Kiss at Midnight)

Tintarella Di Luna (Moon Tint)
music allison young
From USA - Allison Young singing beautiful retro songs. Beautiful Voice!
Crazy (Patsy Cline) w/Josh Turner  Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Everyday (Buddy Holly)
I Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley)
In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine) w/John Paterini
Sh-Boom (Life Could be a Dream) We'll Meet Again (Vera Lynn)
Be My Baby

Much more Music, Dance and Song videos from various performers coming very soon. This page began on 11/14/2021