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Ordination For Women
Become an Ordained Licensed Christian Minister Almost Immediately

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Lifetime Christian Ordination, Perform Marriage Ceremonies,
Begin an Independent Church or Ministry

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    The ordination of women: Become an ordained Christian minister almost immediately. World Christianship Ministries has ordained about 145,000 women during the past 38+ years and they are doing remarkable Christian works. The ordination of women has advanced the Christian Faith in many remarkable ways. We ordain and license women ministers for life as long as your church or ministry remains Christian. You may pick the Christian Ordination Title you wish.

    You can perform all Christian services after ordination, and can begin your own church or ministry anytime you wish.  As ordained women some of the services you can do will be legal wedding/marriage ceremonies, baptisms, funeral services, all Christian services.  You may choose a title that you feel  is appropriate to your ordination such as minister, evangelist, pastor, bishop, preacher, apostle, chaplain, missionary, or similar Christian titles. Visit the WCM Administrators Doing Weddings in Yosemite National Park page.

    We invite you to browse through our Christian ordination website and discover the many benefits  of being ordained by World Christianship Ministries.  We make ordination simple and quick for people who feel that they are ready to begin a ministry or church, or just do weddings.

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    In addition to becoming an ordained and licensed woman minister, World Christianship Ministries also provides handbooks
to help your new ministry or church get started, excellent True to the Word Bible study courses, free advice and more.

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