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Oregon Marriage Laws

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1. Get Ordained - Click on one of the Links below to Open and Print your simple application, or leave a name and address if you wish an Application/Information Packet mailed to you.

2. Call your local Marriage License Office and ask them if you need to file a copy of your ordination with them, or meet any other requirement before doing a wedding ceremony. Only a few states require filing a copy of your credentials.  Check the Marriage Laws in Oregon below for details about your state.

3. Perform the wedding....We suggest you get a copy of World Christianship Ministries "Marriage Minister Handbook" before doing a wedding.  It is a "straight to the point" guide for everything concerning the wedding, such as: handling the Marriage License, where people stand, example marriage ceremonies, opportunities open to you as a Marriage Minister, Advertising, Location of Ceremonies, what to wear, and more. (Based on over 2,000 weddings performed by the Administrator of WCM).

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Oregon Marriage Laws  
106.120   Who may solemnize marriage: Fee, personal payment, records

(1) As used in this section, judicial officer means:

(a) A judicial officer of this state as that term is defined in ORS 1.210 (Judicial officer defined) and includes but is not limited to a judge of a municipal court and a justice of the peace.

(b) An active judge of a federal court.

(c) An active United States magistrate judge.

(2) Marriages may be solemnized by:

(a) A judicial officer;

(b) A county clerk;

(c) Religious congregations or organizations as indicated in ORS 106.150 (Form of solemnization) (2); or

(d) A clergyperson of any religious congregation or organization who is authorized by the congregation or organization to solemnize marriages.

(3) A person authorized to solemnize marriages under subsection (2) of this section may solemnize a marriage anywhere in this state.

(4)(a) When a marriage is solemnized by a tax, appellate or circuit judge of this state, the clerk of the court or the county clerk shall collect a fee of $100 and deposit the fee in the Judicial Department Operating Account established in ORS 1.009 (Judicial Department Operating Account).

(b) When a marriage is solemnized by a county clerk, the county clerk shall collect a fee of $100, as provided in ORS 205.320 (Fees collected by county clerk).

(c) The fee described in this subsection may be collected only if:

(A) The marriage is solemnized during normal working hours, excluding holidays;

(B) The marriage is solemnized in court facilities or a county clerks office; or

(C) More than a minimal amount of staff time or other court or county clerks office resources are used in connection with the solemnization.

(d) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or the county clerk may establish a written procedure for waiver of the fee required under this subsection in exigent circumstances, including but not limited to indigency of the parties to the marriage.

(5) In addition to any fee collected under subsection (4) of this section, a judicial officer of this state and a county clerk may charge and accept an agreed upon personal payment not to exceed $100 plus actual costs for the solemnization of a marriage if that solemnization is performed:

(a) At a place other than the courthouse where the judicial officer or county clerk serves; or

(b) Outside of the judicial officers or county clerks normal working hours.

(6) The charging and accepting of a personal payment by a judicial officer of this state or a county clerk under subsection (5) of this section does not constitute a violation of any of the provisions of ORS chapter 244.

(7) The amount of actual costs charged by a judicial officer of this state or a county clerk under subsection (5) of this section may not exceed:

(a) Actual expenses for food and lodging as verified by receipts.

(b) If travel is made by personal vehicle, the actual number of round-trip miles from the judicial officers or county clerks home or office, whichever is greater, compensated at the rate of reimbursement then provided by the State of Oregon to its employees or, if travel is made by a commercial carrier, reimbursement shall be made of the actual costs thereof, verified by receipts.

(8) A judicial officer of this state or a county clerk shall maintain records of the amount of personal payments received for performing marriages, of actual costs and the supporting documentation related thereto for a period of four years.

(9) The parties to a marriage solemnized by a tax, appellate or circuit judge of this state shall show to the judge proof of payment of the fee required under subsection (4)(a) of this section before solemnization. Except as provided in subsection (4)(d) of this section, the judge may not solemnize a marriage without proof of payment of the fee.


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